Lalaloopsy Girls Peanut Big Top Doll

Lalaloopsy Girls are your favorite Lalaloopsy characters now all grown up. Join the girls as they embark on an adventurous and magical year at Lalaloopsy Academy for Learning Arts (L.A.L.A. Prep)

Hello! It’s ME Jewel Sparkles and I was sewn on from a real princess’ dress. I’m super excited about the ball tonight! I’ve been flipping through piles of magazines looking for just the RIGHT hairstyle to go with my newest tiara. I did see a very royal hairdo that would be perfectly PERFECT for the occasion: “The Princess Poof”! If I can get my pet cat to hold my mirror, I might be able to pull it off.

Hey there! It’s me, Confetti Carnivale and I was sewn from a masked ball gown. I’m working on the perfect hairstyle for tomorrow night’s ball. I’m going for lots of twists and curls and of course tons of color! This is a do that will take some time, but if I hurry, I can be there and ready to dance the night away with all of my friends!

Lalaloopsy Girls Peanut Big

Cheers! I’m April Sunsplash and I was sewn from a rainbow umbrella. I can’t imagine any day better than this one, except maybe tomorrow? Anything bright and rainbow and happy is always my favorite, and my pet toucan is like having a sunshiny friend with me all the time! I smile in every class, even Cloud Sculpting 101, because I make rainbows instead of clouds!

Hiya, there! I’m Spot Splatter Splash and I was sewn from a painter’s overalls, which makes me a natural-born art-iste! My pet zebra has always been my muse but I also draw inspiration from buttons, spaghetti + meatballs, colors in Picasso’s paintings, and clouds (esp. right before a rainstorm). Creativity can sometimes be messy, and my friends always tell me that I’m verrry creative…

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