Masha and the Bear by Oleg Kuzovkov

  • Masha is a funny, silly and nice 3-year-old little girl. She lives in an old Trans-Siberian railway station on the other side of a path that leads to the Bear’s house. She likes him a lot and often visits him uninvited or not, and very often makes a nuisance of herself. Despite her mischief-making, Masha can sometimes come through with surprising actions that makes the Bear happy or satisfied with the results of the day. Her parents don’t appear in the series. She is voiced by Alina Kukushkina

Маша и Медведь

  • The Bear is a big bear and retired circus star who lives in a wooden house. He’s Masha’s best friend and often acts like a father to her. The Bear’s past as a circus performer has led him to pursuing various hobbies in art, music, fishing, and proudly displays the trophies and medals of his past accomplishments on his mantlepiece. He certainly cares for Masha but often tries to keep her out of trouble or out of his business, and is not afraid to be stern with her. His noises are provided by Oleg Kuzovkov.

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