Maya The Bee Aquapark Playset

Bees are very important for nature and for us. Without them, you couldn’t eat fruit and vegetables anymore. But bees are in danger…. Bees gather nectar in flowers. The flowers also contain pollen that sticks to the bees’ legs. The bees take this pollen from flower to flower which makes it possible for flower to reproduce themselves. This is called pollination. Without pollination, there would be no flowers of vegetables in nature.

Maya the Bee

Maya in danger!

In the last few years, bees have been disappearing. We dont really know why. Some people believe that pollution, pesticides or a disease are to blame…

How can you help Maya and her bee friends?

Don’t use pesticides! If you have a garden:

Dont mow the lawn so often and let the flowers grow. We’ ll be glad to gather pollen in them! And who knows, you might get to see Willy taking a quiet nap in the shade of a daisy….

Replace sugar with honey. It’s full of vitamins and calcium!

If you have a balcony: Plant some flowers in pots! We love flowers from clover, dandelion, poppies, marigold and borage…

Maya The Bee Aquapark Playset

Maya is a little bee with a big heart. She dreams of an exciting life of freedom, fun and adventure – the world is simply far too interesting to stay inside a hive!

Maya the Bee waterpark – refresh the water park with brownie Maya and her mates. The set contains a water park and two figures.

Intended for ages 3 + years.

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