Play Doh Colorful Surprise Eggs Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Donald Duck

Your kids know the magic words, but they won’t need to say them to make this clubhouse appear (unless they want to, of course). Join Mickey and Minnie in this flying, sliding, fun-filled world where imaginations are inspired and interactive experiences encourage problem-solving, just like on the show.

Mickey and Minnie sure do know how to make an entrance. Just put one of the characters into the top of the playset and press the purple platform to release the trap door. The character will disappear momentarily before slipping through the Toodles door and landing on the green slide. The character will then glide down the chute and into the clubhouse, where a world of fun awaits!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Play Doh Surprise Egg Orbeez

Mickey and Minnie have a great time soaring around the clubhouse in their very own plane. Not only will kids love flying Mickey or Minnie around the playset, they’ll also love flying them around the room… or anywhere else! Since the plane is detachable, kids are free to play beyond the clubhouse – wherever their imaginations take them.

Kids can get in on the act with their favorite Disney friends when they play with this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse set.

Mickey and Minnie play so well together, which is why the Fly ‘N Slide Clubhouse includes a working teeter-totter. Kids can put a character on each side of the teeter-totter and enjoy some real seesaw action. As Mickey and Minnie play together, kids will see how much fun it is to share an activity with a friend!

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