Play-Doh Playlist 2015 Collection

Let your imagination run wild. Build something out of this world with Star Wars Play-Doh, make a tasty looking treat with Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe, or top up your tubs and tools.

Watch your child’s imagination and creativity blossom with play-doh compound…The perfect platform for all types of play, from free play to role play. Your child will learn even faster when it’s this much fun!

Play Doh Creations

Using different-coloured Play-Doh compounds, encourage your kids to use as many letters of the alphabet to create various animals they might see at the zoo, or sea creatures they can find in the ocean. For example, “O” is for owl or octopus. (TIP: Each animal or sea creature needs to begin with different letters of the alphabet.)

Experts in early childhood development say one of the most important elements of a young child’s life is freeplay. This is voluntary, spontaneous, open-ended play that is crucial for children’s intellectual and emotional growth. What better way to encourage free-play than with a couple of tubs of squishy, pliable and colourful Play-Doh compound!

The Play-Doh brand allows kids to let their imagination soar and in the 2011 Summer term the Play-Doh compound was used as part of the National Curriculum for the first time. Aimed at ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ (EYFS) children, the ‘Handy Learning’ initiative was produced by education experts to aid teachers in delivering National Curriculum objectives through fun and creative activities with the Play-Doh brand, while inspiring parents to introduce educational play at home too. Combining the creative properties of the Play-Doh brand and with a strong focus on creating shapes and patterns, learning colours and numeracy games, ‘Handy Learning’ covers all areas of the EYFS school curriculum.


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