Pretend Play Electronic Pink Cash Register Toy Realistic Actions & Sounds

Add some educational fun to play time with the Kid’s Toy Cash Register! The Kid’s Toy Cash Register is a great addition to any kid’s pretend play toy collection. Each register comes with play money, credit cards, a hand scanner and working cash register! Just swipe the card and press the button, and the drawer shoots open to reveal the cash! In addition, this green cash register also comes with a conveyor belt and a basket full of groceries! With this register, kids can pretend to shop at the grocery store, just like mom and dad! Each set is constructed of durable plastic, and comes with a key to manually lock or unlock the cash drawer. This is a great gift idea for young kids just learning about math and money!

You’ll feel like you’re inside of a real grocery store with the Just Like Home Electronic Cash Register. This realistic register has everything you need to serve any customer: a working calculator, a pop-open drawer that stores make-believe money, a hand-held scanner that lights up and a credit card swipe slot with sound. You can also place miniature grocery items on the movable conveyor belt and use the intercom to make pretend announcements.

Play Register & Scanner Supermarket Cash Toys

  • Electronic register allows you to hold a pretend job while working with money and developing math skills
  • Scanner, conveyor belt, opening drawer, calculator and credit card machine simulate a true grocery checkout experience
  • Bright colors make playtime extra fun
  • Light-and-sound features add a realistic touch
  • Includes: 1 cash register with calculator, opening drawer and credit card slot; 1 hand-held scanner; 1 intercom; 1 moving conveyor belt; 1 grocery basket; assorted groceries; pretend money and a pretend credit card

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