Smelli Gelli Baff With Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Surprise Toy

Turn bath time into fun time with Gelli Baff! Gelli Baff turns water into colourful goo providing you with 100% safe bath time fun. Simply fill your bath with 40 litres of warm water, sprinkle the goo former over the surface of the bath and leave it for two minutes. Watch in amazement as your boring bath water magically starts to turn into a fun, thick goo. Then stir well, get in and have fun! The goo is a completely harmless powder that soaks up 400 times its own weight in water. When the fun’s all done, add the dissolver sachet and the goo disappears, magically changing the colour of the water as it does so!


Gelli Baff is unique and was originally designed to stimulate kid’s imagination and turn bath time into fun time. Its also perfect for outdoor use in the miniature kiddie pool. Sprinkle the goo powder evenly over the surface of the water and watch as it magically turns the water into gloopy, sticky, oozy goo! There is no mess because once the fun is over, just add stage 2 (dissolver) to the Gelli Baff to magically turn the thick goo back into coloured water. Smelli Gell Baff is free from any harmful chemicals or preservatives and is fully bio-degradable. It will not stain towels and is completely child safe, with safety certification approved by the UK, Australia and the USA. Each box will create between 40 and 50 litres of goo. Just don’t go pouring it into dad’s swimming pool!


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