Masha and the Bear NEW Playsets Toys

Bring the hit TV show to life with Masha and The Bear Figures!

Masha’s a spirited little girl who’s best friends with a wise old bear. Together they have lots of adventures in their forest home.
Your little Masha figure is 12cm tall and comes in an adorable green dress.

This poseable figure’s ideal for fans aged three and up.

Masha And The Bear PlayBIG Bloxx

Set of 2 original soft toys – Masha and the Bear, heroes favorite cartoon series “Masha and the Bear.” Masha and the Bear equipped with unique music Russified chips: playing with them, the child will hear the famous phrase, and music from the cartoon.

Make yourself at home in Masha and the Bear’s Treehouse!

Masha made such a mess when she went into The Bear’s house uninvited. However, the pair soon became the best of friends and have many adventures together.

This playset comes with Masha and Bear figures plus accessories – including stove and TV.  Open out the Treehouse and place the furniture for lots of fun inside The Bear’s cosy home!

You’re invited to stay at Masha’s charming little House!

Her home is full of toys and accessories – including teddy bear, furniture and her favourite doll. You also get your very own Masha figure!

Open out the house and arrange the furniture for lots of fun inside Masha’s home!



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