Chuggington Trains Action Playset

Chuggington StackTrack is an innovative track system that allows train track layouts to expand up, up, up. For the first time ever, young engineers can add extreme height and elevation to their train track layouts for imaginative and unique sets with endless possibilities. Sturdy track and risers that are easy to connect make building and constructing layouts simple and enjoyable for kids of all ages. StackTrack sets are also perfect for compact spaces.


Action, Adventure, and Excitement

Chuggington StackTrack playsets are packed with action, adventure, and excitement. Sets include favorite features such as unique destinations, extreme inclines and declines, crashing, racing, cargo pick-up and drop-off, and big rescues. Promoting teamwork, bravery, problem-solving, and heroism, Chuggington playsets are perfect for young engineers and their imaginations.

Every StackTrack playset is compatible, so the more you collect, the taller, wider, and more creative your train track layouts become. Each individual playset comes with alternate layouts, so there are multiple ways to play in every box.

TV Series

Join your favorite trainees and visit fun destinations from the popular Chuggington TV program. Die-Cast engines are high quality, durable, and fit perfectly in small hands. Collect and connect them all.

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