Disney Junior Toys – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Choo Choo Train

Mickey and his pal Pluto are dancing and bopping in their Wobble Bobble Choo Choo! Travel with Mickey & Pluto as they visit their friends at the clubhouse, beach, city and farm. Push the train forward as the Mouska-arms swivel up and down while the passenger cars wobble left to right. As the train travels forward you will also hear fun phrases and sounds as you travel to one of four destinations. Pressing the yellow Mickey button on the top of the train also activates the music and sounds, and when the train is no longer traveling, you will still hear more fun sounds and phrases from Mickey.

Disney Junior Toys - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Go for a ride on Mickey’s silly swingin’ and swayin’ Wobble Bobble Choo-Choo! Watch the colorful locomotive dance and hear fun music and sounds as you push it along. Mickey’s train does the “cha-cha-cha” as it travels along! Push the choo choo along to see silly actions from the train. The Wobble Bobble Choo Choo swivels & sways as you push it along! As it rolls the train’s arms move up and down as the passenger cars wobble. Fun sounds are also activated when the train is either rolled or the Mickey head button on the engine car is pushed down.

Playing with Mickey’s Choo Choo Train Playset promotes development of sensory and fine motor skills as well as balance, coordination and gross motor skills. Pretend play helps foster curiosity, discovery, imagination and creativity as well as encouraging thinking and problem solving. Like all Disney toys, Mickey nurtures sharing and cooperation, listening and communication, self-expression and confidence, as well as rekindling a sense of security and happiness! Requires (2) “AA” batteries. Additional figures sold separately and subject to availability


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