Hello Kitty Sanrio Toys – Fun Fair Kiosk Set

Hello Kitty is one of the most internationally well-known names in modern history. From her humble beginnings on a coin purse in 1974, this 7 billion dollar per year industry has skyrocketed in popularity over the years. Now, in 2014, Hello Kitty is celebrating 40 years of adorable success.

Started as a Sanrio franchise, Hello Kitty was designed to delight young girls who couldn’t get enough of the little cat’s cuteness. Today, however, she isn’t only found on young girl’s clothing and accessories, but seen on a variety of items from furniture to food products. She has evolved into a franchise displayed on anything imaginable, and caters to adults as well as children.

Hello Kitty Sanrio Fun Fair Kiosk Playset

Young girls become expert clothing designers with their very own Hello Kitty Vellutata Village Fashion Store. They’ll have fun galore dressing up Hello Kitty with a wide range of pretty and stylish fashions and accessories.

Some of Hello Kitty’s products have been adorable and even useful for adults who love the typical pink and white decorations. So after such a long history of labeling items with this cute kitty, the company started creating innovative ways to display her. Here are 4 of the most unusual Hello Products from the past 40 years, for children and adults alike.


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