Mashems Series 1 – Masha and the Bear Squishy Toys

Follow the many heartwarming tales of a three-year-old girl and her retired circus star friend, Bear.

Masha is an energetic three-year-old who lives in an old train station in the forest. Precocious, silly, and friendly with everyone she meets, this energetic girl can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble.


Bear is a warm, fatherly figure that does his best to guide his friend and keep her from harm, often ending up the unintended victim of her misadventures. Though he enjoys his quiet time alone, he misses those moments when Masha is not around.

Together with a rag-tag group of friendly animals that have made the forest their home, Masha and the Bear entertains adults and children alike, teaching viewers about creativity, loyalty and true friendship.

Masha is a big fan of fairy tales, but sometimes gets the details a little jumbled up. Follow along as Masha tells her unique versions of popular fairy tales in a way only she can. Beautifully animated, this engaging series entertains families with a funny twist on traditional stories.

Collect Masha with this detailed and colorful doll with soft body with fabric dress and plastic head, hands and legs. The dress is faithful to the original as seen on the original tv show.  Masha and the Bear Super Squishy Toys are here just for you. These are very special toys, as they are extremely and wonderfully soft, and they can be squished and twisted to your heart’s desire!


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