Minnie Mouse Beads SES Creative Disney Toy

A creative idea often starts with SES Creative’s writing accessories. From playground chalk, spray chalk and blackboard chalk to pencils and markers. There are also special versions, such as: magic pens, textile pens, glass pens and tattoo pens for use on the skin. Extra accessories like stencils, slates and wipers, glue, scissors and brushes complete the assortment.

Make the prettiest Minnie Mouse with Iron on beads. Choose your own colours. Have a grown-up iron your creation for you.

SES writing accessories are easy to wash out of textiles and from the hands. The pencils and markers all have a strong point and high pigmentation. The markers do not dry out.

Disney Minnie Mouse Beads SES Creative Playset

SES works hard to protect the environment. For this reason, it has developed a special ECO line, and boxes and packaging are made of recycled material where possible.

You can create colourful shapes with SES iron on beads. The extensive assortment of iron on beads enables you to make beautiful creations. Iron beads come in many different colours. Special beads like ‘glow in the dark’ and ‘flower fragrance’ add to the variety! There is even a iron on beads dispenser, which makes it easy to create some lovely shapes.

Boards, ironing paper and mega mixes, available separately, complete the assortment. The iron beads are PVC-free.

The SES hobby sets stimulate the child’s creativity and always produce fantastic results. Take classic sets like Hammer tap tap, French Knitting, Embroidery, Aeroplane folding and Stamping, as well as Magic Shrink Foil and Bag decoration. There is something for every child. For the girls, there are various jewellery sets and for boys some great woodcraft sets. Endless scope for creativity!

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