Playgo Dough Shooters – Smart Dough Extruders Set

Playgo Dough Shooters allows your child hours of fun and creativity. Contents include dough press/extruder, 2 extruder ‘slides’ – each with 5 design cut outs, dough knife and two pots of dough. The two pots of dough have molds in their lids. Can be used with any dough product.

  • Have fun playing with the kids!
  • Created by experts, ideal for early learning at home, daycares or classrooms; Enrich children’s imagination.
  • This 6 pcs of dough tools includes rolling pin, shapers, rollers and cutters which are made of durable quality plastic. It is great for create, decorate, Shape, cut, roll and mold dough and clay. This basic tool sets with Brightly-colored offer all kinds of open-ended play and are sturdy made for kid’s hands for hours of creativity fun.

PlayGo Dough Shooters

  • Dough Tools Kit: 22 pieces in one set (Extruder Machine, Extruders, Plastic Silverware, Molds (Waffle, Tomatoe, onion, lettuce, Bun)). All of them are assorted color.
  • Perfect for creative play with Easy-grip, Great for Hours of fun.
  • Created by experts for use at home or classrooms. Enriches a child’s imagination. Ideal for early learning classrooms or daycares
  • Exceptional quality and value. These sets are great for adding detail to dough creations.
  • Easy to use and clean Custom made for kid’s hands
  • Brightly-colored, Durable quality plastic build, creating hours of fun.
  • Great for kids and schools, School and Teacher Recommended
  • Shape, cut, roll and mold dough and clay, enrich a child’s imagination with animal shapes
  • 24 tools allow for hours of creativity and fun Large set encourages collaborative play

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