Squishy Slime Baff Colourful Slime Bath – Zimpli Kids

What is Slime Baff?

From the makers of Gelli Baff comes Slime Baff! Slime Baff is a powder that turns bath water into gooey slime. Sprinkle the powder over the bath water and watch as the water magically turns into gooey slime. When the fun is done simply turn the taps back on to dilute the slime. Gelli Slime gives children a fun bath time, does not block drains and is kind on skin.

  • Makes Bath Time Fun!
  • Ideal for Messy Play Days
  • Made in the UK
  • Easy to Clean & Leaves No Stains or Marks
  • Softens and Cleans Skin as they Play

Gelli Baff & Slime Baff - Zimpli Kids

1. Slime Making!

  1. Run the taps with warm water
  2. When the bath has reached a quarter full and with the taps still running sprinkle the powder slowly under the running water
  3. After sprinkling the powder continue to fill the bath to just under half full and turn taps off

2. Bath Time!

  1. Warning: Slime Baff will be SLIPPERY so take care entering the bath
  2. The slime will get thicker and thicker the more you mix it into the water
  3. Have fun in the bath with the slime

3. Slime Removal!

  1. Stay in the bath and turn the taps back on to water down the slime for a couple of minutes
  2. Pull the waste plug and turn of the taps. The slime will run down the waste pipe easily and is environmentally friendly
  3. We recommend that when your Slime Baff bath is empty, stay sitting down and fill the bath again and have a normal bath using your favourite bubble bath to remove the slime residue



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