Winnie the Pooh Mega Bloks Train Station Playset

Since 1926, this friendly bear has been entertaining children and his appeal continues today. Pooh Bear has long been a favorite theme for nurseries and collection of Winnie the Pooh baby stuff gives parents lots of options to personalize their little one’s room. Everything from peel and stick wall borders and decals to stroller toys and more. Will you be attending a baby shower or visiting a friend who just had a baby? A Winnie the Pooh book or Winnie the Pooh plush make thoughtful, welcoming gifts.


Winnie the Pooh, a bear of very little brain, tends to be a bit on the slow side (his head is full of fluff, you know…a common occurrence among teddy bears) but his heart more than makes up for that. Pooh has a love of honey (or, hunny, as it is sometimes spelled) but he can also do with a smackerel of whatever tiny quantity he can get his hands onto to soothe that insatiable “rumbly in his tumbly”. He often creates little tunes, or hums, about most anything at all. There are different names for Winnie the Pooh, he is called Pooh Bear or even Pooh but is never just Winnie. He is gifted with an uncommon, clear-eyed wisdom. What is most important for Pooh is the well being, happiness and feelings of his friends. He is also the inventor of the famous game ‘Poohsticks’ and discoverer of the ‘North Pole’. Almost all the animals in the 100 Acre Wood take part in the ‘Poohsticks’ game, while it is always a matter of friendly competition between Pooh and Christopher Robin. The game takes place over a footbridge and the animals use sticks gathered in the close vicinity of the woodland to play the game. The sticks are then thrown into the underneath flowing river. For his brave actions he is honoured as a ‘Hero’ and knighted to ‘Sir Pooh de Bear’ by Christopher Robin.


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