Tonka Town Rescue Helicopter Playset

On the road or beach, this Tonka Town 4×4 Air Rescue will get to any emergency in time. Set includes character Oliver, opening tailgate with space to attach his spade and a warning sign. Press down on the roof to hear engine noises and see the headlights light up. Press on the roof again for the spot lights and headlights to flash and a hear a wheel screeching noise as the 4×4 dashes to the scene.

Help to save the day at Tonka Town with this Tonka Fire Station Playset! José the chief Fireman gets a call to say there is a fire in town – he calls to Bruno who races to the top of the Fire Station where he stands on the sensor point and the sirens start sounding and the blue lights flash. José flies down the fireman’s pole followed by Bruno and hop into the Tonka Fire Car to dash to the scene of the fire.


The fire station also features a training tower with fire! Use the slider at the back of the tower to start the fire – fire lights up with a red glow. Slide it back down to put the fire out. Playset also features an extendable garage with opening doors, manual dial to switch from red to green to show when the Tonka Fire Car is on call and rotating satellite on roof.

Fly to the rescue with Toby in his Tonka Town Rescue Helicopter. Includes a stretcher which fits into the back of the helicopter and has manually rotated blades. Press the button on the top of the helicopter to see the spotlights shine and hear the engine noise. Press it again to see the siren lights and spotlights flash and here the blade noise. The Tonka Town Rescue Helicopter is suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

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